€35,00   year 2022

Working with these great opens powers everyone will be able to perceive different sensations and make a different use of it based on his spiritual path and experience of with energy work ,magical or other more.

They can bring in your life Extraordinary events of a magical or supernatural nature! Are useful in any areas , for healing ,love…

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€30,00  year 2021

After you receive the attunement the energy channeled in the CZ Card image is renewed automatically you throughout your life at the frequency more suitable for you.

Using these energies everyone will experience different experiences

After you have received the attunement,through focus on the image of the CZ Card you ask that these powers to…

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year 2020  - 30 euro 

After you receive the attunement the energy channeled in the CZ Card image is renewed automatically you throughout your life at the frequency more suitable for you.

These high powers channeled in this CZ Card they can help with the following but not only!

Are useful to protect, healing, clearing, cleansing and balancing your…

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by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 30

year 2019

These powerful energies channeled in the CZ Card contain a high extraordinary magic power ,are energies very useful for all people who suffer from their natural psychic abilities and have difficulty at turning them off when they create hardships .

Working with these energies do not effectiveness for to further…

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CZ Card Prestige and Success by Cuzco


€19,99  year  2016

This sacred energy brings you the prestige and success. The energy is immensely useful in the magical work and leads to a magical knowledge intuitively. Energy very powerful mystical magical will increase your awareness, gives greater mental strength ,personal power, charisma and you the power to influence others.

You receive pdf manual, CZ Card…

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CZ Card Black Orchid Essence by Cuzco



€19,99   year 2015

The activation of this CZ Card puts you in tune with sophisticated and sensual energies, synonymous with an iconic style and modern timeless glamor. The essence of elegance. It opens up a whole new universe to discover esteem door, sex appeal, charm, exoticism, femininity', mystery and seduction.

You receive pdf manual, CZ Card JPG Image…

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CZ Card Aurora Borealis Energy by Cuzco

€19,99  year 2014

It a powerful protection against negative energy influences. To clean the rooms, make them more' pure and sacred, essential in order to reign harmony and promote the general welfare of their inhabitants. Also great for spaces devoted to work is to reign harmony among colleagues is to promote business, success and prosperity 'financial. The most easily…

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€19,99  year 2013

CZ Card A Long Life Divine Blessings

Main benefits of this empowerment.

This empowerment brings longevity and wisdom

Blessings for a long life

Powerful protection

Protects against premature deaths Through accidents, natural disaster or disease

Useful for defeating negative energies.

You receive pdf…

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CZ Card Awareness of Yourself by Cuzco


€15,99  year 2012

Awareness of Yourself This energy brings great sense of freedom and independence. He works on the 7th chakra purifying it and bringing highly spiritual vibration. It gives energy, joy, strength and inner clarity Strengthens the ability to make decisions and solve problems. Mainly it carries out a psychological level, by becoming aware of…

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year 2011


The activation of this CZ Card requires the total respect of the Sacred.

High vibrational energy after activation the energy channeled in the image is renewed automatically you for the rest of your life no further action is required on your part if you want you can meditate by viewing the image.

One of the principles of Shamanism…

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Teresa Rubiolo



Distant Attunements from Reiki Grand Master Teresa Rubiolo (Cuzco)  with energies ready for you to receive.

Available Systems  by Various Founders

Useful for Spiritual  Evolution ,Healing,Love,Abundance,Protection and more.

For Lightworkers, Spiritual Seekers  ,Healers etc.. you will received at your email address  pdf manuals.and Chi Ball Attunements. Certificates are not provided










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10456869077?profile=RESIZE_400x year 2022

Bad Luck Protection AND MUCH MORE! Working with these energies can bring in your life more luck, health, physical stamina, joy , vitality ,improvement in the sexual sphere . These wonderful powers they can alsoare useful in your spiritual path and more. After you have received the attunement you ask that these powers to flood your etheric body with their powerful…

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Digital Art by Cuzco


Disatnt Attunements




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Amber - Mystical Good Luck Potion - by Scion


EUR 19.99

year 2021

The powers contain in this mystical potion brings Good Luck in any areas of your life and they can working with depending on your intentions.

Are useful for to increasing the decision-making,bring ​more confidence and optimism, self-esteem, prosperity,
wealth, health and longevity ,sex appeal, and more.

Great support to…

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Year 2020


Do not try to resist, they are hot and fiery energies, a powerful invigorating for the body, mind and soul, this makes you incredibly attractive, sexy, irresistible and creates an extraordinarily strong charisma. They also promotes a general sense of well-being and can act as an antidepressant, help healing , stimulate the senses, stimulate the…

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